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Eagle Athletics

Graves County High School


Eagle Athletics

Graves County High School

Eagle Athletics

Graves County High School

Event Details.

Thursday 3/23/2017 @ 3:30 pm
(H) vs Calloway County High School

Boys- Loss 4-5 Girls- Win 9-0

Jaron Hale                           lost         Logan Eastwood 9-7

Isaac Carrico                       won       Tucker Swain 8-5

Brady Ellegood                  won       Landon Ross 8-1

Drew Jackson                    lost         Tanner Hicks 8-1

Grant Jackson                    lost         Isaiah Butler 9-7

Alejandro Hernando       won       Marshall Thompson 8-5

Matthew Whitaker         won       Micheal Okuda  8-6

Mark Whitaker                  won       Bradley Smith 6-1

Tucker George                  lost         Connor Steele 8-1

Ethan Murphy-Mark Whitaker lost Thompson Okuda 8-1             

Hale-Carrico                       won       Butler-Emerson 8-6

Ellegood-D.Jackson         lost         Eastwood-Hicks 8-1

Whitaker-Hernando       lost         Ross-Steele 9-8

Highlights The Eagles hosted Calloway County on Thursday.  Graves County boys lost 5-4 match as the match was not decided until the final doubles match.  Matthew Whitaker and Alejandro Hernando led in the match 7-5 before being forced to a tiebreaker in the final court.  In singles play, Brady Ellegood and Hernando won a close match 8-1 and 8-5 decision.  In other doubles action, Carrico-Hale started with the match knotted at 2-2 before finishing an 8-2 decision.  In extra matches, Matthew Whitaker was behind 3-4 early before pulling out a come from behind 8-6 decision. Seventh grader Mark Whitaker won his first high school match 6-1.  The Eagles lost a close one 5-4. 

Carson McKee                   won Mallory Hlava           8-0

Laken Schultz                     won Lauren Wagner       8-3

Madison Wiggins              won Lindsey Wagner      8-0

Maddy Williams                 won Claire Crosier           8-3

Gabby Lamb                       won Hannah Anderson                 8-1

Allie Clark                            won Joza Mikulcik            8-5

McKee-Schultz                  won Wagner-Wagner    8-0

Wiggins-Lamb                    won Hlava-Crossier         8-2

Williams-Clark                    won Anderson Mikulicik               8-5

Sydney Gream                  won Breanna Madden   8-1

Payton Gilpin                     won Avery Jennings       8-0

Grace Thomasson            lost Emily Boyd                  8-5


 Highlights The Lady Eagles had little trouble with the Lakers as they won an impressive 9-0 decision.  Carson McKee and Madison Wiggins won 8-0 decisions. Laken Schultz and Maddy Williams won 8-3. Gabbie Lamb won with a 8-1 decision.  In doubles play, the Lady Eagles won all three matches as McKee-Schultz 8-0, Wiggins-Lamb 8-2, and Williams-Clark 8-5 won.  In extra matches, Sydney Gream and Payton Gilpin won easily at 8-1 and 8-0 respectively.  Eighth grader Allie Clark had the most competitive match as she fell behind early 1-5 before winning the last seven games and the match 8-5. Both teams will be in action on Monday as they entertain Marshall County.

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