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Eagle Athletics

Graves County High School


Eagle Athletics

Graves County High School

Eagle Athletics

Graves County High School

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Tuesday 5/02/2017 @ 4:00 pm
(A) vs Calloway County High School

Boys- Win 6-3 Girls- Win 7-2

Jaron Hale                           lost         Logan Eastwood 8-1

Isaac Carrico                       won       Tucker Swain 8-2

Brady Ellegood                  won       Landon Ross 8-4

Alejandro Hernando       won       Marshall Thompson 8-0

Matthew Whitaker         lost         Tanner Hicks 8-3

Drew Jackson                    lost         Isaiah Butler 9-8

Extra Mark Whitaker      won       Bradley Smith 6-0

Extra Ethan Murphy        won       Tucker Swain 6-2

Extra Matthew Whitaker-Mark Whitaker won Thompson Okuda 8-4       

Hale-Carrico                       won       Eastwood-Hicks 8-5

Ellegood- Hernando        won       Butler-Emerson 8-1

G Jackson- D.Jackson     won       Ross-Steele 8-5


The Eagles traveled to Calloway County on Tuesday.  Graves County was trying to avenge an early season loss.   The match started with doubles play as the Eagles started like a “house on fire”. Jaron Hale and Isaac Carrico started things off dispensing of Eastwood-Hicks 8-5. The Eagles number one seed started with a 4-0 lead before holding on to an 8-5 victory. Brady Ellegood and Alejandro Hernando won easily 8-1 and the Jackson brothers (Drew and Grant) won at number three doubles 8-5.  In singles play, Carrico, Ellegood, and Hernando won a close match 8-2,  8-4, and 8-0 decisions. In extra matches, Matthew Whitaker and Mark Whitaker won 8-4 and Ethan Murphy won 6-2.  The Eagles avenged their loss with a 6-3 decision.


Carson McKee                   won Mallory Hlava           8-3

Laken Schultz                     won Lauren Wagner       8-3

Ellie Mitchell                       lost Lindsey Wagner       9-7

Madison Wiggins              won Claire Crosier           8-2

Maddy Williams                won Hannah Anderson     8-2

Gabby Lamb                       won Jane Bishop              8-5

Extra Sydney Gream       lost Joza Mikulcik             8-5

Wiggins-Lamb                    lost Wagner-Wagner      8-6

Mitchell-Schultz                won Hlava-Crossier         8-0

Williams-Clark                    won Anderson Mikulicik               9-8

The Lady Eagles had little trouble with the Lakers as they won an impressive 7-2 decision.  In doubles play, Wiggins-Lamb lost a close one as the match was noted at 6-6 before Wagner-Wagner won with an 8-6 decision. Schultz and Mitchell dispensed of their opponent with an 8-0 win. Williams-Clark had the closest match as they won a 9-8 nail-biter. In singles play, the Lady Eagles won all of the matches but one as McKee, Schultz, Wiggins, Williams, and Lamb won.  Both teams will be in action on Thursday as they travel to McCracken County. The Regional tournament starts on Saturday at the Larry Heflin Tennis Center in Lone Oak.

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