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Eagle Athletics

Graves County High School


Eagle Athletics

Graves County High School

Eagle Athletics

Graves County High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

9 months ago

CoEd Varsity Tennis vs. Dyersburg HS

Game Date
Apr 13, 2018
EAGLES: B8-1 G 8-1

Graves County Boys won 8-1 Dyersburg TN

Jaron Hale won Nolan Burch 8-4

Brady Ellegood won Michael Berinio 8-0

Isaac Carrico won Ches Davis 8-0

Matthew Whitaker won Keaton Jensen 8-2

Mark Whitaker won Kamil Yousef 8-3

Tucker George lost Lathon Holder 8-6

Barame Takerngsukavana lost Parker Milner 6-3


Ellegood-Carrico won Morrow-Nichols 8-1

Hale-Mt Whitaker won Davis-Jenson 8-0

George-Mk Whitaker won Holder-Milner 6-3

Highlights The Eagles traveled to Tennessee to play the Dyersburg Trojans.  The trip was long but the results were worth it.  The Eagles dominated the Trojans by winning all but one court.  Jaron Hale led the Eagles with an 8-4 decision.  Brady Ellegood and Isaac Carrico blanked their opponents with 8-0 victories.  After singles the Eagles had a commanding 6-1 lead.  The Eagles sweep the doubles as Tucker George and Mark Whitaker won a 6-3 decision. 

Graves County GIRLS won 8-1  Dyersburg TN

Carson McKee won Leah Wagner 8-4

Laken Shultz won Rachel Finley 8-3

Maddy Williams won Faith Sherrow 8-3  Senior

Ellie Mitchell lost Lynley McCullough 8-6

Gabbie Lamb won Lauren Luttrell 8-1

Allie Clark won Sarah White 8-6 

Makayla Whitaker won Calllie Randolph 6-0

Grace Thomasson lost Madeline Stowe 7-5


McKee-Shultz won Wagner-Finley 8-2

Lamb-Mitchell won Sherrow-McCullough 6-2

Clark-Williams won White-Hayes 8-6

Whitaker-Whitaker won Greason-Whitis 6-1 

Highlights The Lady Eagles traveled to Dyersburg and found success in Tennessee. Carson McKee, Laken Shultz, and Maddy Williams won easily with 8-4, 8-2, and 8-3 decisions.  Freshman Allie Clark had a hard fought match as she started behind 1-4 early. She battled back and pulled ahead for a 8-6 win.  Eighth grader Maddy Williams and Allie Clark played the closest doubles match as the match was close throughout as neither team could gain an advantage.  The Lady Eagles pulled ahead at the end for a 8-6 victory.Both teams will be in action on Tuesday as they host Paducah Tilghman at home.

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