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Eagle Athletics

Graves County High School


Eagle Athletics

Graves County High School

Eagle Athletics

Graves County High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

3 weeks ago

CoEd Varsity Tennis vs. McCracken County HS School

Game Date
Apr 18, 2018
EAGLES: B5-4 G2-7

Match Date and Opponent   4/18/18  McCracken County     Away  Format  Team

Highlights Boys won 6-3


Brady Ellegood                 won       Ty Crabtree 9-7

Jaron Hale                           lost         Ethan Walker 5-8 

Isaac Carrico                       won       Conner McIntosh 8-0

Matthew Whitaker         won       Cameron Wright 8-3

Mark Whitaker                  lost         Ethan Schaaf 8-9

Tucker George                  lost         Justin Splane 1-8

Barame Takerngsukavana lost    Noel Puertollano 6-8

Ellegood-Carrico               won       Schaaf-Walker 8-2

Mt Whitaker-Hale            won      Terrone-Wright 8-2

Mk Whitaker-George     won       McIntosh-Dew 8-4         

GIRLS  lost 2-7

Carson McKee                   lost Lilli Smith 8-2

Laken Shultz                       lost  Isabella McKinney 8-2

Maddy Williams                                lost Emily Dew 8-3

Ellie Mitchell                       won Maggie Smith 8-2

Gabbie Lamb                     lost Allison Hane 0-8

Allie Clark                            won Chelsey Council 8-3

Madeline Byrd                  won Madeline Yates 8-4

Pooja Patel                         lost  H Hollowell 8-3        

Maggie Murphy                                lost  A. Jones 8-4

Shultz-McKee                    lost McKinney-Dew 8-2

Williams-Clark                    lost M Smith-Hane   8-3

Mitchell-Whitaker           lost L. Smith-H. Hollowell 8-4

Byrd-Thomas                     won Chelsey Council-Madeline Yates 8-3

 Highlights The Lady Eagles lost 2-7.  Both teams will be in action on Thursday as they travel to Calloway County.    

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