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Eagle Athletics

Graves County High School


Eagle Athletics

Graves County High School

Eagle Athletics

Graves County High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

4 months ago

CoEd Varsity Tennis vs. Ballard Memorial HS

Game Date
Mar 10, 2020
EAGLES: B 9-0 G 8-1

Graves County Tennis team started their season at home on Tuesday with two wins against Ballard Memorial.  The Lady Eagles won 8-1   The Lady Eagles have several new players this year.  Freshman Conlee Spann- 7th grader Lydia Bradley won at number two doubles, 7th grader Kinsey Burgess- Freshman Kaylee Guthrie won at number three doubles, as did freshmen Brooklyn Williams and Kailey Butler in singles. The closest singles match involved Josie Erdmann who fell behind early 5-6 before pushing on to win the last three games and the match, 8-6. Naima Bhutta won easily with a 8-0 decision.


The Eagles tennis team won all their matches for a 9-0 decision.  The Eagles swept the singles and only lost one game. Brady Ellegood, Isaac Carrico, Mark Whitaker, Tucker George, Clay Cooper won easily. The Eagles have several new players this year.  The closest match was Martin Rainer-7th grader Mason Whitaker with a 8-5 decision. Ellegood-8th grader Boden Diel won 8-2 and Isaac Carrico-freshman Ayaz Bhutta won 8-3. Also, Rainer, Mason Whitaker, and Ayaz Bhutta won their first high school tennis match.   Both teams will be in action on Thursday as they travel to Paducah's Noble Park to play St. Mary with a 4 pm start. 

Graves County Eagles 9-0

Brady Ellegood won Parth Patel  8-0

Isaac Carrico won Jake Miller 8-0

Mark Whitaker won Jacob Adams 8-1

Tucker George won Andy Paul 8-0

Clay Cooper won Kyler Dennis 8-0

Boden Diel won default

Brady Ellegood-Boden Diel won Patel-Miller 8-2

Isaac Carrico-Ayaz Bhutta won Adams-Paul 8-3

Martin Rainer-Mason Whitaker won Dennis-Thomas 8-5


Graves County Lady Eagles 8-1

Josie Erdman won Zoe Wilson 8-6

Naima Bhutta won Wendy Burnley 8-0

Kailey Butler won Kaylee Cox 8-1

Brooklyn Williams won Kinsey Cox 8-3

Kinsey Burgess lost Jenna Oldham 6-8

Conlee Spann won default

Makayla Whitaker-Allie Clark won Wilson-Burnley 8-0

Conlee Spann-Lydia Bradley won Cox-Cox 8-4

Kinsey Burgess-Kaylee Guthrie won Oldham-Jones 6-2

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