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Eagle Athletics

Graves County High School


Eagle Athletics

Graves County High School

Eagle Athletics

Graves County High School

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Game Summary

11 months ago by Chuck Whitnell

Eagles Tennis Takes Two From St. Mary

Game Date
May 1, 2017
EAGLES: Boys- Win 9-0 Girls- Win 8-1

Jaron Hale           won Caden Tillett             8-4

Isaac Carrico       won Flynn Mudd              8-1

Matthew Whitaker won Tim Froehlich                   8-4

Mark Whitaker won Vavav Rachan           8-2

Brady Ellegood and Alejandro Hernando won Mudd- Froehlich 8-4

Grant Jackson-Drew Jackson won Tillett-Rachan  8-1


The Eagles hosted St. Mary in an abbreviated match.  Jaron Hale,8-4 Isaac Carrico, 8-1 Matthew Whitaker, 8-4 and Mark Whitaker, 8-2 won their matches respectively.  Brady Ellegood and Alejandro Hernando won their doubles match with an 8-4 decision and Grant Jackson-Drew Jackson won 8-1. The Eagles won the match 9-0. With the win, the Eagles have a 10-5 record on the year.  


Carson McKee                   won Maggie Smith          8-4

Laken Schultz                     won  Georgia Eck             8-1

Ellie Mitchell                       won Kaitlin Hardlicka      8-1

Payton Gilpin                     lost Sarah Quarrels          9-8

Maddison Wiggins-Gabbie Lamb               won Smith-Eck                  8-2

Ellie Mitchell-Maddy Williams                     won       Hardlicka-Quarrels           8-0         

Carson McKee, Laken Schultz, and Ellie Mitchell led the Lady Eagles with impressive 8-4, 8-1, and 8-1 wins.  In doubles play, the Lady Eagles jumped out early and never looked back as Madison Wiggins-Gabbie Lamb 8-2 and Ellie Mitchell-Maddy Williams 8-0. The St. Mary only had four eligible girls so the Eagles won the match 8-1.  With the win, the Lady Eagles are 12-3 on the year.Both teams will be in action on Tuesday as they travel to Murray to play Calloway County.

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